At Peak, we have multiple marketing strategies developed by top producing representatives. These innovative marketing strategies have and continue to produce successful results. These reps are owners of Peak, and therefore, recognize the importance of sharing their ideas with the Peak family.
When you grow, we grow together.

The Retirement Plan Services Group (RPSG)

The Retirement Plan Services Group (RPSG) is a division of Peak Brokerage Services focusing on the design, implementation, and ongoing servicing of corporate retirement plans (401k, 403b, Simple, SEP, Cash Balance, etc), as well as utilizing non-qualified retirement plan options intended to offer numerous tax-benefited solutions to the owners, partners, and key employees. Our team has a combined 55 years of combined corporate retirement plan experience; working extensively with company owners and employees. We understand that working with corporate retirement plans and executive benefits can be challenging at best and daunting at worst. Let our team help you maximize opportunities and strengthen relationships.

College Planning Division

The College Planning Division was formed to create an integrated and comprehensive planning solution for families. This team brings many years of experience to help you provide clients and prospects and their future college students with clear direction to: avoid changing majors, careers and colleges; in selecting colleges with the best social, academic and financial fit; improve standardized test scores to maximize merit aid and scholarships; reduce the overall cost of college and create a road map to ease the financial burden and avoid overwhelming debt.

Divorce Planning

Divorce is a confusing and devastating time, both emotionally and financially. The Peak Brokerage Services team offers guidance from highly skilled Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (“CDFA”) who educates clients on what the financial impacts may be on a proposed settlement in the short term and long term. By working with your client’s attorney, we are able to help make sense of the pros and cons of the proposal and provide the necessary tools to aid your attorney and help prove their case on the financial fairness of a proposed settlement.

Medicare Planning Division

The Medicare Planning Division was created to help you tap in to the ever-expanding Medicare Benefit market which is expected to reach 63.9 million enrollees by 2020. This group is headed by a nationally recognized leader in this space who has created a national distribution platform for registered reps and insurance agents. They can help you and your clients or prospects understand the challenging space of healthcare and Medicare benefits while expanding your practice and revenue generating opportunities. Their proven approach generates leads and revenues in the insurance and investment advising space.

Seminar Marketing Division

The Seminar Marketing Division is there to help you become the master of your local market. Seminar marketing is an excellent way to get in front of large groups of clients and prospects. Hosting a public seminar may seem like an overwhelming project with too many details that could spell disaster if overlooked. With decades of experience, our team has turned giving a public workshop into a science. They have created step-by-step guides to help you get in front of a lot of qualified prospects in the shortest amount of time.

Women’s Financial Wellness Division

Women’s Financial Wellness Division focuses on supporting a holistic planning approach for women investors. Whether your practice currently specializes in educating women just beginning their careers, a small business owner, a homemaker, or a woman looking to retire. Our team of seasoned professionals can offer guidance and expertise for today, tomorrow and whatever the future brings. This division is run by women, for women.