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PEAK Stay Connected Sessions

In a time when we’re faced with challenges and potential roadblocks, it’s refreshing to hear from successful advisors who have chosen to see the opportunities in front of them and rise to the occasion. In that spirit of collaboration, and to encourage our advisors to think outside the box, we committed to provide a venue where advisors can share ideas – from how they are proactively capturing money in motion, to how they are leveraging technology, social media platforms, and local media to gain visibility and new client opportunities, and, ultimately, sharing in their success stories.  

PEAK | Learn Game changing tips

Being proactive with clients and prospects is critical right now. It gives clients some much-needed peace of mind, strengthens the relationships you have today and presents a very real opportunity for you to develop relationships with prospective clients whose advisors are not choosing to step up.

Equally important is staying connected and up-to-date with the opportunities and resources available to you – from within the PEAK family and beyond. Join PEAK Partners Glenn Wiggle, Mike Lomas, Nolan Baker and Mark Clair as they discuss how they successfully:

  • Market proactively during times of volatility
  • Identify the best opportunities to prospect for clients
  • Capitalize on advisors leaving the industry
  • Capture money in motion with 401k rollovers
  • Connect with clients and prospects via social media marketing
  • Establish credibility to gain PR in local markets
PEAK | Being Proactive - The Emergency Response Model

Keeping in line with the theme of being proactive, join this session to hear how one of our Partners, Mark Clair and his son Ryan, who together run Bull Moose Retirement, as they discuss: 

  • What Bull Moose is doing right now to be proactive
  • Their Emergency Response Model: the vision, the kit, and the marketing plan
  • How Bull Moose has been adaptive and opportunistic
  • How they are using technology and their website to control messaging
PEAK | A Minute to Win It

This PEAK Stay Connected: Virtual Advisor Meeting will be hosted by one of our Partners, Nolan Baker, founder of America’s Retirement Headquarters. In this marketing session, Nolan will share some of his successful one-minute ideas to help you get in front of clients and prospects. You don’t want to miss our top advisors share what they are doing today to gain visibility and win new clients! 

PEAK | Gain Media Visibility in Your Hometown

In this hands-on “how-to” PR session, our very own “Masters of the Media” will go live to demonstrate the step-by-step process, including: what to look for to identify sources, how to connect (and how often), what to track and where, and how to leverage the press you gain in various ways. They will also explore the option to buy PR – what opportunities there are when it makes sense and budget ranges.

PEAK | Latest Advice from Top Money Managers: Talking Points & What’s Working

In this panel-style discussion, hear current commentary from top money managers, where they see solutions and opportunities, how they are positioning portfolios, and most importantly, what is working right now. They will also discuss how advisors can provide clients with access to a PM in a virtual setting, either one-on-one or in a town-hall typesetting. Emphasis will be placed on the approach, in particular, how and what to communicate with worried clients.

PEAK | Improve Your Virtual Game! Tools Top Advisors Are Using Today

In this tech-focused session, the team will explore a variety of tools that have proven to be beneficial when virtually communicating with clients and prospects. See what others are using and improve your virtual game! From virtual meeting platforms to progressive and efficient ways to connect (via texting, emailing, etc.), to enhancing your messages with video, these tools will be explained from an advisor usage and application standpoint, as well as from a Compliance and cybersecurity perspective.

PEAK | Social Media Boot Camp

In this “social” session, active users will discuss how they’ve used the various social media platforms (including LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter) to build a strong digital presence. As with any social engagement, building a presence requires a commitment of time and effort – so you’ll want to learn how to leverage content from other sources. The group will provide an overview of each platform, how it works and what it is best used for, as well as how it ties together with your website to form your overall digital footprint.

PEAK | Building Successful Relationships to expand

In this networking discussion, advisors will share how they have leveraged their other practices (i.e. CPA, tax practice, insurance) to introduce clients to the financial side of their business, or how they have built successful relationships with these types of practices to bring financial services to their colleagues’ clients. Now is a perfect cross-selling opportunity, given the increased awareness of the need for financial advice. Find out what these successful advisors are doing to gain traction & drive growth into other lines of business.

PEAK | Turning Lemons into Lemonade

This PEAK Stay Connected: Virtual Advisor Meeting will be hosted by one of our Top Producers, Michael Hoeflich, who will share some of his recent success stories. By sharing several real case scenarios, Michael will highlight the tools he’s been using very effectively to:

  • Retain clients – he’s turning the talk into action and showing the evidence by using the Advyzon software to help clients understand what our investment team does to turn crisis into opportunity.
  • Prospect his prospects – he’s reaping the rewards of effectively mining data from his CRM to find and remind his prospects that he’s still around and hasn’t forgotten them. He’s also found a unique way to appeal to the "Do It Yourself" prospects in his database.
  • Find new partners – he’s using the local media to get the message out to a broad audience.  
PEAK | Taking Your LinkedIn Efforts to the Next Level

This PEAK Stay Connected: Virtual Advisor Meeting will be hosted by our LinkedIn “dynamic duo”, Jeremy Baker and Bill Hurley from America’s Retirement Headquarters. These two are back by popular demand to provide a “deeper dive” into their methodical process of messaging, connecting and communicating with prospects on LinkedIn. Based on advisor feedback from the “Social Media Boot Camp” hosted during PEAK’s Virtual Event, there is significant interest in exploring this process further and we are grateful that Jeremy and Bill are up for Round 2!

During this session, Jeremy and Bill will describe the detailed activities and tools they have used effectively to build their LinkedIn connections and engage with prospects, including:

  • Targeting your audience
  • Building your tracking spreadsheet
  • Launching your multi-point messaging campaign
  • Tracking connections, messages, posts, etc.
  • Measuring metrics and engaging with prospects
PEAK | PR Media Training Session – Interview Skills

Interested in doing radio or tv interviews? Face-to-face or by phone…you’ll need to be prepared for anything! Tune in to this session to learn the ins-and-outs of the interview process from our “masters of the media”, The Financial Guys Mike Lomas and Glenn Wiggle. They will share their tips on how to take control of the interview and get your marketing and sales message across. Get ready to DOMINATE your market!

PEAK | Snappy Kraken Deep Dive – Automated Marketing Campaigns

Build your digital footprint and maximize your social presence! Join us to learn:

  • How to scale relationships online without coming across as cold, robotic, and insincere
  • The “it” factor for digital marketing automation to work (without this, you’ll have just another piece of tech you’ll give up on in a month)
  • How to trade 1 hour for 30 to 45 hours back per month
PEAK | Uncover Hidden Opportunities

This PEAK Stay Connected: Virtual Advisor Meeting will be hosted by Scott Whitten of Top Advisors Group (TAG). In this marketing session, Scott and his featured presenters will share some simple and effective ways to help you uncover hidden opportunities with clients and prospects.
This thought-provoking call will provide you with simple, actionable steps that uncover hidden assets and sales opportunities by answering the following questions:

  • How can having an annuity in the client’s asset mix provide for increased portfolio stability?
  • How can asking about my clients’ existing life insurance policies provide me with new sales and investment dollars?
  • Who are the resources to help me make these sales opportunities happened?
PEAK | Reinvent the Way You Market to Build Your Pipeline!

This PEAK Stay Connected: Virtual Advisor Meeting will be hosted by one of our top BAM advisors, Dion Padilla, joined by partner/top producer Mark Clair. In this session, Dion will share the challenges and successes he has experienced during the expansion of his digital footprint, including:

  • Increasing followers and driving traffic on Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Transitioning from live client events to Go To Webinar
  • Building a webpage to launch podcasts

Join in to hear how Dion has embraced the move to a virtual environment, and how he’s using technology to engage prospects from a local employer going through a force reduction – which may be happening in your area as well.

PEAK | Introducing PEAK’s Customizable Video Library & Subscription Program!

84% of marketers say video has helped them increase traffic to their website

In this PEAK Stay Connected: Virtual Advisor Meeting, we will be launching a brand new, customizable video content library and subscription program! Learn how you can sign up to receive a series of brief videos (under 60 seconds) on relevant, timely client-facing topics for use in social media campaigns, on your website, in email campaigns, etc.! All original content so you may use in paid ads or organic posts as you see fit. Simply sign up, provide your customization instructions, and receive ongoing, Compliance-approved custom videos!

Is video content really effective? Here’s what some of the current statistics indicate:

  • For the first time ever, LinkedIn has emerged as the most successful channel for video marketers, with an overwhelming 87% of LinkedIn video marketers describing it as an effective channel. (HubSpot.com)
  • Businesses who use video have an average revenue growth that is 49% faster than those who don’t (www.RenderForest.com)
  • Social media video generates as much as 1200% more shares than text and image content combined. (G2 Crowd)
  • Facebook gets over 8 billion video views per day. (TechCrunch)

Video ads were the #1 way consumers discovered a brand they later purchased from. (Animoto)

Plan to join Scott Tanker, National Director of the Retirement Plan Services Group (RPSG), along with one of our Partners and top producers, Nolan Baker, founder of America’s Retirement Headquarters and his new colleague Chaz Price, CFA, to discuss how they are growing their group retirement plan business.

Nolan and Chaz will share:

Scott will discuss:

  • The Retirement Plan Services Group value proposition: who they are and how they work with our advisors
  • The technical aspects of what they do and the resources they provide
  • About RPSG and RPSG brochure

Based on high interest at the Roundtable Event, the next PEAK Stay Connected: Virtual Advisor Meeting will be hosted by Brian Breisinger, PEAK Partner and founder of GS National. Brian runs an extremely successful Medicare practice and will share his thoughts and advice on how to successfully market demand products.
Be sure to tune in and hear from a seasoned expert how introducing Medicare into your practice can be a game-changer!

In the next PEAK Stay Connected: Virtual Advisor Meeting, Charlie Sperrazza, one of our top producers and the founder of Queen City Financial Group, will join us to explore the fundamental differences between premium funding and premium financing – and why this is important, especially for high net worth clients in need of large amounts of insurance for: 

  • Estate tax
  • Buy/Sell Agreement
  • Perpetuate family wealth
  • And more… 

During this session, Charlie will discuss who is looking for premium funding and why, and what to look for to help identify the need. He will also share real-life examples of both a recently closed and a pending case.

Bottom line: an average case is around $350k in target premium. Sound interesting? Charlie suggests that each of you has at least one client who needs this – you just don’t know what to ask!

PEAK | Building Your 2021 Marketing Plan

This PEAK Stay Connected: Virtual Advisor Meeting is a definite don’t miss! Join Nolan Baker, PEAK Partner, top producer and resident “marketing guru”, and Regina Rudnick, EVP Advisor Relations, as they discuss the many facets you should consider when mapping out a comprehensive 2021 marketing plan.
Nolan will share the detailed planning process he follows when crafting his 12-month plan, and they will introduce a simple template you can follow to build your own plan to make the most of 2021!

PEAK | How to Implement a Full Marketing Campaign

As a complement to the November 17th session on Building Your 2021 Marketing Plan, the next PEAK Stay Connected: Virtual Advisor Meeting will focus on implementing a full marketing campaign. Join Regina Rudnick, EVP Advisor Relations, and Brian Adams, Marketing Specialist, as they walk through the step-by-step process for leveraging our marketing campaign tools via social media platforms. We’ll also introduce several NEW marketing campaigns to get you ramped up for a strong start to 2021!

  • Debunking Social Security Myths
  • Your Financial Journey (includes a life cycle workbook)
  • 10 Must-Do’s for Year-End Planning (includes a Year-End Financial Planning Checklist)
  • 7 Year-End Tax Planning Tips for Small Business Owners
PEAK | Explore a Compelling Solution – Why Choose Industrial?

Industrial real estate has been a historically consistent sector for investors that is poised to capitalize on the acceleration of shifting dynamics in the marketplace. Join our friend, Paul Barausky, from Sealy Investments as he explores what has been working very successfully for advisors in recent times.

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